This is a list of brand new items that we have added to our inventory that have not previously been in store. Seasonal and/or limited release items that we have stocked previously will not appear in this list.

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--Description----Size----Container----Vintage----Retail----Availability--Added On--Department--
Prairie Spectrum4pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2021/05/04BEER
Hou Hou Shu Sparkling Sake300mlBottle16.99In Stock2021/05/04SAKE
Jose Cuervo Margaritas Sparkling Lime4pk 12ozCan11.99In Stock2021/05/04SPIRITS
Jose Cuervo Sparkling Paloma4pk 12ozCan11.99In Stock2021/05/04SPIRITS
Boulevard Dark Truth Imperial Stout4pk 12ozBottle9.99In Stock2021/05/04BEER
Jose Cuervo Margaritas Sparkling Strawberry4pk 12ozCan11.99In Stock2021/05/04SPIRITS
Sweetwater Hazy IPA6pk 12ozCan8.99In Stock2021/05/04BEER
Stone Dayfall Beligan White6pk 12ozBottle9.99In Stock2021/05/04BEER
Labatt Blue Light6pk 16ozBottle5.99In Stock2021/05/04BEER
Sweetwater IPA Variety Pack12pk 12ozCan16.99In Stock2021/05/04BEER
Sweetwater 420 Extra Pale Ale6pk 12ozCan8.99In Stock2021/05/04BEER
Citadelle Jardin d'Ete Gin750mlBottle33.99In Stock2021/05/03SPIRITS
Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer Variety Pack24pk 12ozCan32.99In Stock2021/04/30BEER
Baileys Colada Irish Cream750mlBottle34.99In Stock2021/04/30SPIRITS
Bud Light Lemonade Variety Pack12pk 12ozCan12.99In Stock2021/04/30BEER
Vizzy Pineapple Raspberry Lemonade # 2 CAN MIN #24ozCan2.99In Stock2021/04/30BEER
Young Blood Bitcoin Thousandaire4pk 16ozCan14.99In Stock2021/04/30BEER
Whiskeysmith Banana Flavored Whiskey750mlBottle19.99In Stock2021/04/30SPIRITS
Young Blood Tom Petty Circa 19914pk 16ozCan14.99In Stock2021/04/30BEER
Obtanium Rye Whiskey750mlBottle59.99In Stock2021/04/29SPIRITS
Bombay Bramble Gin750mlBottle25.99In Stock2021/04/28SPIRITS
Cloudless Pineapple Yuzu Hard Seltzer6pk 12ozCan8.99In Stock2021/04/27BEER
Truly Punch Variety Pack12pk 12ozCan18.99In Stock2021/04/27BEER
Cloudless Mango Lychee Hard Seltzer6pk 12ozCan8.99In Stock2021/04/27BEER
Domaine de Bellene Savigny-Les-Beaune Blanc750mlBottle201849.99In Stock2021/04/27WINE
Domaine de Bellene Savigny-Les-Beaune Vieilles Vignes750mlBottle201849.99In Stock2021/04/27WINE
Takamine 8 Year Japanese Whisky750mlBottle99.99In Stock2021/04/27SPIRITS
Ottakringer Citrus Radler4pk 16.9ozCan9.99In Stock2021/04/23BEER
Indeed Springbier6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/23BEER
Owl's Brew Partea Variety Pack12pk 12ozCan19.99In Stock2021/04/23BEER
Belching Beaver No Worries IPA6pk 16ozCan11.99In Stock2021/04/23BEER
Lakefront Raspberry Nimbus6pk 12ozBottle8.99In Stock2021/04/23BEER
Jim Beam Orange1.0LBottle26.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/22SPIRITS
Brewing Projekt Brainstorm IIPA4pk 16ozCan16.99In Stock2021/04/22BEER
Brewing Projekt Dome Head Sour Ale4pk 16ozCan17.99In Stock2021/04/22BEER
Bols Elderflower Liqueur750mlBottle15.99In Stock2021/04/22SPIRITS
Oliphant Brewing Ennui'd Galazy IPA4pk 16ozCan13.99In Stock2021/04/22BEER
Oliphant Brewing Hefeweizen4pk 16ozCan10.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/22BEER
Things of that Nature: Escape Goat IIPA4pk 16ozCan19.99In Stock2021/04/22BEER
Brewing Projekt SSSLURPPP White Stout4pk 16ozCan16.99In Stock2021/04/22BEER
Arienzo by Marques de Riscal Rioja Crianza750mlBottle9.99In Stock2021/04/21WINE
Claris Pinot Grigio750mlBottle12.99In Stock2021/04/21WINE
Laurent Miquel Pere & Fils Syrah750mlBottle12.99In Stock2021/04/21WINE
Jovly Vouvray750mlBottle14.99In Stock2021/04/21WINE
Marques de Riscal Rioja Reserva750mlBottle19.99In Stock2021/04/21WINE
Hatch Distilling Bourbon Whiskey750mlBottle37.99In Stock2021/04/21SPIRITS
L'Excellence de Saint Laurent Saint Chinian750mlBottle11.99In Stock2021/04/21WINE
One Barrel Ninja Dust IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)Keg89.95Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2021/04/20BEER
Brooklyn Lager6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
Brooklyn Pulp Art Hazy IPA12pk 12ozCan16.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
Brooklyn Pulp Art Hazy IPA6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
Brooklyn Summer Ale6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
White Claw Watermelon Hard Seltzer12pk 12ozCan18.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
Crown Royal6pk 50mlBottle15.99In Stock2021/04/20SPIRITS
Jack Daniel's Berry Punch6pk 12ozBottle7.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
JuneShine Honey Ginger Lemon Hard Kombucha6pk 12ozCan14.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/20BEER
Brooklyn Bel Air Sour6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
Crown Royal Regal Apple6pk 50mlBottle15.99In Stock2021/04/20SPIRITS
Southern Tier Nice Slice6pk 12ozBottle9.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
BeatBox Peach Punch500mlTetraPak3.99In Stock2021/04/20WINE
Jack Daniel's Southern Citrus6pk 12ozBottle7.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
Absolute Berry Spritz4pk 12ozCan10.99Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2021/04/20SPIRITS
Good City Fan Favorite White Ale6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
Jean de Roze Cinsault Rose750mlBottle8.99In Stock2021/04/20WINE
JuneShine Blood Orange Mint Hard Kombucha6pk 12ozCan14.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
Rabbit Hole Heigold Bourbon750mlBottle78.99In Stock2021/04/20SPIRITS
High Noon Sun Sips Variety Pack12pk 12ozCan26.99In Stock2021/04/20SPIRITS
Southern Tier Coconut Truffle Nitro4pk 12ozBottle14.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
Hacienda Beer Tiny Shaka4pk 16ozCan15.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
Half Acre Parrots of Paradise IPA4pk 16ozCan13.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
JuneShine Acai Berry Hard Kombucha6pk 12ozCan14.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
JuneShine Midnight Painkiller Hard Kombucha6pk 12ozCan14.99In Stock2021/04/20BEER
Barrel 41 French Toast Cinnamon Roll Crunch Milk Porter4pk 16ozCan14.99In Stock2021/04/19BEER
Barrel 41 Fuego Mango Milkshake IPA4pk 16ozCan15.99In Stock2021/04/19BEER
Bells Incesant6pk 12ozBottle16.99In Stock2021/04/16BEER
Michelob Ultra1/2 Bbl ($30)Keg119.95In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/16BEER
Truly Extra Black Raspberry Hard Seltzer6pk 16ozCan10.99In Stock2021/04/16BEER
Truly Extra Peach Mango Hard Seltzer6pk 16ozCan10.99In Stock2021/04/16BEER
Untitled Art Double Strawberry Imperial Smoothie4pk 16ozCan17.99In Stock2021/04/16BEER
Hop Garden Nuggetopia IPA6pk 12ozCan8.99In Stock2021/04/16BEER
White Claw Surge Cranberry Hard Seltzer6pk 16ozCan10.99In Stock2021/04/16BEER
Kona Seltzer Variety Pack12pk 12ozCan18.99In Stock2021/04/16BEER
White Claw Surge Blood Orange Hard Seltzer6pk 16ozCan10.99In Stock2021/04/16BEER
Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic Cocktail4pk 250mlCan11.99In Stock2021/04/14SPIRITS
Bacardi Mojito Cocktail4pk 12ozCan11.99In Stock2021/04/14SPIRITS
Bacardi Bahama Mama Cocktail4pk 12ozCan11.99In Stock2021/04/14SPIRITS
Bombay Sapphire Gin & Tonic Light Cocktail4pk 250mlCan11.99In Stock2021/04/14SPIRITS
Western Son Lemon Vodka750mlBottle16.99In Stock2021/04/14SPIRITS
Monkey 47 Dry Gin1.0LBottle69.99In Stock2021/04/13SPIRITS
3 Sheeps Awake in a Strange Town4pk 16ozCan14.99In Stock2021/04/13BEER
3 Sheeps Tiki Time12pk 12ozCan18.99In Stock2021/04/13BEER
Toppling Goliath PseudoSue12pk 12ozCan24.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/13BEER
Lakefront Al American Stout6pk 12ozBottle8.99In Stock2021/04/09BEER
Young Blood The Other Randy4pk 16ozCan12.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/09BEER
Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee Salted Caramel4pk 11ozCan9.99In Stock2021/04/09BEER
Drekker Slang Du Jour Strawberry Cobbler4pk 16ozCan21.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/09BEER
Eagle Park DDH Immortal Soul4pk 16ozCan14.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/09BEER
Smirnoff Ice Pink Lemonade6pk 12ozBottle8.99In Stock2021/04/09BEER
Great Dane Imperial IPA4pk 16ozCan11.99In Stock2021/04/09BEER
Untitled Art Peach Melba Sour a la Mode4pk 16ozCan16.99In Stock2021/04/09BEER
Young Blood Calling About Vehicle Warranty4pk 16ozCan14.99In Stock2021/04/09BEER
Young Blood I'm Extraordinarily Humble4pk 16ozCan14.99In Stock2021/04/09BEER
Brewing Projekt Cara Cara OPP Puff Tart XL4pk 16ozCan17.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/08BEER
Cantina Especial Grapefruit Paloma Tequila Soda4pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2021/04/08SPIRITS
El Jimador Tequila Blanco1.75LBottle39.99In Stock2021/04/08SPIRITS
Brewing Projekt Citra Patrol4pk 16ozCan13.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/08BEER
Cantina Especial Ranch Water Tequila Soda4pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2021/04/08SPIRITS
Cantina Especial Watermelon Margarita Tequila Soda4pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2021/04/08SPIRITS
Oliphant Brewing Gobias4pk 16ozCan13.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/08BEER
El Jimador Tequila Reposado1.75LBottle39.99In Stock2021/04/08SPIRITS
Starlight Carl T Huber's Double Oaked Bourbon Whiskey750mlBottle61.99In Stock2021/04/08SPIRITS
Hacienda Beer Co Ever Moving Planet IPA4pk 16ozCan18.99In Stock2021/04/06BEER
Sixpoint Smoothie6pk 12ozCan10.99In Stock2021/04/06BEER
Victory Dirt Wolf IIPA6pk 12ozBottle12.99Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2021/04/06BEER
Chateau de Beaucastel Chateauneuf-du-Pape750mlBottle2018102.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/06WINE
Cutwater Strawberry Margarita4pk 12ozCan12.99In Stock2021/04/06SPIRITS
Surly Havoc Machine IPA6pk 12ozCan10.99In Stock2021/04/06BEER
Cutwater Peach Margarita4pk 12ozCan12.99In Stock2021/04/06SPIRITS
Natural Light Naturdays Pineapple Lemonade12pk 12ozCan8.99In Stock2021/04/06BEER
Smirnoff Pink Lemonade Vodka1.75LBottle25.99In Stock2021/04/06SPIRITS
Karben4 Fantasy Factory IPA19.2ozCan2.99In Stock2021/04/06BEER
Dos Primos Tequila Blanco750mlBottle44.99In Stock2021/04/06SPIRITS
Hacienda Beer I Was in the Pool4pk 16ozCan15.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/04/06BEER
Malibu Watermelon Rum750mlBottle16.99In Stock2021/04/06SPIRITS
Oskar Blues Guava Rodeo6pk 12ozCan9.99Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2021/04/06BEER
Twisted Tea Slightly Sweet6pk 12ozBottle8.99In Stock2021/04/06BEER