This is a list of brand new items that we have added to our inventory that have not previously been in store. Seasonal and/or limited release items that we have stocked previously will not appear in this list.

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--Description----Size----Container----Vintage----Retail----Availability--Added On--Department--
Abita Barney Ale6pk 12ozBottle8.99In Stock2022/05/20BEER
Smirnoff Seltzer Neon Lemonade Variety Pack12pk 12ozCan17.99In Stock2022/05/20BEER
Parrot Bay White Rum750mlBottle14.99In Stock2022/05/20SPIRITS
White Claw Refresher Lemonade Variety Pack12pk 12ozCan19.99In Stock2022/05/20BEER
Choya Original Sparkling Plum Wine187mlBottle3.99In Stock2022/05/19WINE
Choya Yuzu Fruit Liqueur750mlBottle19.99In Stock2022/05/19SPIRITS
San Antonio Fruit Farm Peach Passion Fruit750mlBottle11.99In Stock2022/05/18WINE
San Antonio Fruit Farm Blackberry Orange750mlBottle11.99In Stock2022/05/18WINE
San Antonio Fruit Farm Strawberry Guava750mlBottle11.99In Stock2022/05/18WINE
Eiko Fuji Honkara Glorious Mt. Fuji Sake720mlBottle26.99In Stock2022/05/17SAKE
JaJa Tequila Reposado750mlBottle41.99In Stock2022/05/17SPIRITS
JuneShine Hard Kombucha Core Variety Pack8pk 12ozCan18.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
Brewing Projekt Apollo4pk 16ozCan11.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
Oliphant Brewing Summer Squishy4pk 16ozCan13.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
Brewing Projekt Dezzert Fight4pk 16ozCan17.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
Drekker Brains Involuntary Narcissistic Rage4pk 16ozCan18.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
Drekker PRRRTs These Days Gummy Sour4pk 16ozCan19.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
Hubbard's Cave Hopsurd IIPA4pk 16ozBottle12.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
JaJa Tequila Blanco750mlBottle36.99In Stock2022/05/17SPIRITS
One Barrel 10 Year Beer6pk 12ozCan10.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
Lagunitas Disorderly TeaHouse Mixed Up Berries6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
Young Blood Funfetti Chalupa4pk 16ozCan15.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
Good City Pils6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
Joto Umeshu Plum Sake720mlBottle42.99In Stock2022/05/17SAKE
Lagunitas Disorderly TeaHouse Yuzu Lemon Squeeze6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
Brewing Projekt BOMB Margarita Hard Seltzer4pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
Lake Louie Rational Haze IPA6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2022/05/17BEER
Avion Reserva 44 Extra Anejo Tequila750mlBottle145.99In Stock2022/05/13SPIRITS
August Schell's Fresh Prints Cold IPA6pk 12ozCan8.99In Stock2022/05/13BEER
Avion Anejo Cristalino Tequila750mlBottle141.99In Stock2022/05/13SPIRITS
On the Rocks Cruzan Classic Daiquiri375mlBottle12.99In Stock2022/05/13SPIRITS
0514972061304pk 16ozCan15.99In Stock2022/05/12BEER
Whistle Pig Beyond Bonded Bourbon Whiskey750mlBottle109.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/05/12SPIRITS
Working Draft Neni Spatne Czech Pilsner4pk 16ozCan12.99In Stock2022/05/12BEER
Luksusowa Potato Vodka1.0LBottle14.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/05/12SPIRITS
Monaco Sun Crush4pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2022/05/12SPIRITS
Lapis Luna Rose750mlBottle13.99In Stock2022/05/11WINE
Ciroc Vodka Spritz Colada4pk 12ozCan14.99In Stock2022/05/10SPIRITS
Ciroc Vodka Spritz Sunset Citrus4pk 12ozCan14.99In Stock2022/05/10SPIRITS
Malibu Cocktail Strawberry Daiquiri4pk 12ozCan10.99In Stock2022/05/10SPIRITS
Young Blood We Met on the Sugar River4pk 16ozCan14.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/05/10BEER
Young Blood Sir This is a Wendy's4pk 16ozCan15.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/05/10BEER
Ciroc Vodka Spritz Pinapple Passion4pk 12ozCan14.99In Stock2022/05/10SPIRITS
Ciroc Vodka Spritz Watermelon Kiwi4pk 12ozCan14.99In Stock2022/05/10SPIRITS
Fleur Charmante Liqueur750mlBottle38.99In Stock2022/05/10SPIRITS
Noca Boozy Lemonade Mix Pack12pk 12ozCan19.99In Stock2022/05/10BEER
Clos La Chance Chardonnay750mlBottle16.99In Stock2022/05/06WINE
Jose Cuervo Tradicional Anejo Cristalino750mlBottle39.99Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2022/05/06SPIRITS
Revolution DDH Revolution Hero4pk 16ozCan13.99In Stock2022/05/06BEER
Basil Hayden Subtle Smoke Bourbon Whiskey750mlBottle54.99Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2022/05/06SPIRITS
Clos La Chance Cabernet Sauvignon750mlBottle16.99In Stock2022/05/06WINE
Etude Carneros Pinot Gris750mlBottle39.99In Stock2022/05/05WINE
Kavalan Single Malt Whiskey750mlBottle84.99In Stock2022/05/05SPIRITS
Allegrini Palazzo Della Torre Rosso Veronese750mlBottle18.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/05/05WINE
Heidsieck & Co Monopole Blue Top Brut750mlBottle47.99In Stock2022/05/05WINE
Stags' Leap Winery Sauvignon Blanc750mlBottle27.99In Stock2022/05/05WINE
High Noon Sun Sips Peach700mlCan4.99In Stock2022/05/05SPIRITS
High Noon Sun Sips Pineapple700mlCan4.99In Stock2022/05/05SPIRITS
High Noon Sun Sips Lemon4pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2022/05/05SPIRITS
New Glarus Kid Kolsch1/4 Bbl ($40)Keg89.95Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2022/05/05BEER
Foursquare Sovereignty Rum750mlBottle134.99In Stock2022/05/05SPIRITS
Hewitt Rutherford Estate Cabernet Sauvignon750mlBottle2017139.99In Stock2022/05/05WINE
Textbook Mise En Place Cabernet Sauvignon750mlBottle71.99In Stock2022/05/05WINE
Great Lakes Barrel Aged Blackout Stout1/6 Bbl ($30)Keg149.95Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2022/05/03BEER
Karben4 Brat Fest Pilsner4pk 16ozCan10.99In Stock2022/05/03BEER
Jack Daniel's Triple Mash Whiskey700mlBottle39.99In Stock2022/05/03SPIRITS
Young Blood Boone's Farm Related Scar4pk 16ozCan16.99Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2022/05/03BEER
Fair State Party Forward6pk 12ozCan10.99In Stock2022/05/03BEER
Jack Daniel's Bonded Tennessee Whiskey700mlBottle36.99In Stock2022/05/03SPIRITS
O'so Infectious Groove1/6 Bbl ($30)Keg79.95Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2022/05/03BEER
Paulaner Munich Lager4pk 16.9ozCan7.99In Stock2022/05/03BEER
City Lights Cold IPA6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/05/03BEER
Fair State Big Doinks6pk 12ozCan10.99In Stock2022/05/03BEER
Paulaner Hefe-Weizen4pk 16.9ozCan7.99In Stock2022/05/03BEER
Young Blood Shasta Cola Rapper4pk 16ozCan13.99In Stock2022/05/03BEER
Jinro Strawberry Soju375mlBottle8.99In Stock2022/05/02SPIRITS
Jinro Plum Soju375mlBottle8.99In Stock2022/05/02SPIRITS
Jose Cuervo Gold10pk 50mlBottle19.99In Stock2022/04/29SPIRITS
Topo Chico Ranch Water12pk 12ozCan19.99In Stock2022/04/29BEER
Sprecher Hefe Weiss6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2022/04/29BEER
Clos du Bois Buttery Chardonnay750mlBottle9.99Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2022/04/28WINE
Compass Box Vellichor750mlBottle469.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/04/28SPIRITS
Andre Sweet Fizzy Sangria750mlBottle7.99In Stock2022/04/28WINE
Bacardi Mojito Cocktail Variety Pack6pk 12ozCan18.99In Stock2022/04/28SPIRITS
Bacardi Pina Colada Cocktail4pk 12ozCan12.99In Stock2022/04/28SPIRITS
Herradura Ultra Tequila Anejo Cristalino750mlBottle71.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/04/28SPIRITS
Pipeworks Alla Salute4pk 16ozCan11.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/04/28BEER
Andre Pineapple Mimosa750mlBottle7.99In Stock2022/04/28WINE
Clos du Bois Sauvignon Blanc750mlBottle9.99In Stock2022/04/28WINE
Compass Box Experimental Grain Whisky750mlBottle149.99In Stock2022/04/28SPIRITS
Bacardi Sunset Punch Cocktail4pk 12ozCan12.99In Stock2022/04/28SPIRITS
Clos du Bois Pinot Grigio750mlBottle9.99In Stock2022/04/28WINE
Plantation 2008 Panama Rum750mlBottle200886.99In Stock2022/04/28SPIRITS
Butter Cabernet Sauvignon750mlBottle18.99In Stock2022/04/28WINE
Pipeworks Friend With Two Boats4pk 16ozCan15.99In Stock2022/04/28BEER
Clos du Bois Chardonnay750mlBottle9.99In Stock2022/04/28WINE
Andre Peach Bellini750mlBottle7.99In Stock2022/04/28WINE
Bacardi Lime & Soda Cocktail4pk 12ozCan12.99In Stock2022/04/28SPIRITS
Middle West Double Cask Olorosso Wheat Whiskey750mlBottle94.99In Stock2022/04/27SPIRITS
Middle West Double Cask Sherry Bourbon Whiskey750mlBottle94.99In Stock2022/04/27SPIRITS
One Barrel Fanny Pack IPA6pk 12ozCan10.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/04/26BEER
Cutwater Ranch Water Variety Pack8pk 12ozCan15.99In Stock2022/04/26SPIRITS
3 Sheeps Full Spectrum12pk 12ozCan18.99In Stock2022/04/26BEER
1800 Cristalino Anejo Tequila1.75LBottle119.99Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2022/04/26SPIRITS
Maraska Williams Pear Brandy750mlBottle32.99In Stock2022/04/26SPIRITS
Natural Light Naturdays Blueberry Lemonade12pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2022/04/26BEER
Kindred Spirits Sweet Eleven Mead750mlBottle11.99In Stock2022/04/25WINE
Kindred Spirits Dry Eleven Mead750mlBottle11.99In Stock2022/04/25WINE
Arnold Palmer Spiked Lemonade12pk 12ozCan17.99In Stock2022/04/22BEER
Indeed Sun Kids Pale Ale4pk 16ozCan11.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/04/22BEER
Three Floyds Rites of Ramm6pk 12ozCan11.99In Stock2022/04/22BEER
Gran Centenario Leyenda Tequila Extra Anejo750mlBottle154.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/04/22SPIRITS
Maestro Dobel 50 Cristalino Tequila Extra Anejo750mlBottle154.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/04/22SPIRITS
Twisted Tea Peach #2 CAN MINIMUM PURCHASE#24ozCan2.99Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2022/04/22BEER
Natural Light Naturdays Blueberry Lemonade30pk 12ozCan17.99In Stock2022/04/22BEER
Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier with Mug1.0LCan8.99In Stock2022/04/22BEER
Working Draft Tracksuit Riot Dark Czech Lager4pk 16ozCan12.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/04/22BEER
4Hands Contact High6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2022/04/22BEER
Arnold Palmer Spiked Hard Half & Half #2 CAN MIN#24ozCan2.99In Stock2022/04/22BEER
Central Waters Tangerine Dream Milkshake IPA6pk 12ozCan13.99In Stock2022/04/22BEER
Working Draft To Those Who Wait Czech Pilsner4pk 16ozCan12.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/04/22BEER
Brewing Projekt Bluavapple Puff Tart4pk 16ozCan15.99Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2022/04/21BEER
Oliphant Brewing Honey Wheat4pk 16ozCan9.99In Stock2022/04/21BEER
Bota Rita Strawberry Margarita1.5LBox13.99In Stock2022/04/21BOXED WINE
Nardini Amaro700mlBottle32.99In Stock2022/04/21SPIRITS
Drekker Master Manipulator IIPA4pk 16ozCan17.99In Stock2022/04/21BEER
Bota Rita Classic Lime Margarita1.5LBox13.99In Stock2022/04/21BOXED WINE
Josh Cellars Reserve Buttery Chardonnay750mlBottle18.99In Stock2022/04/21WINE
Brewing Projekt Smoofee Sour PMPB4pk 16ozCan17.99Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2022/04/21BEER
Drekker Brains Mango Stawberry Pineapple Coconut4pk 16ozCan19.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/04/21BEER
Cave de Saumur Les Pouches Saumur Rouge750mlBottle14.99In Stock2022/04/21WINE
OH Ingram River Aged Rye Whiskey750mlBottle69.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/04/21SPIRITS
Pinhook High Proof Bourbondini Boubon Whiskey750mlBottle202248.99In Stock2022/04/21SPIRITS
OH Ingram River Aged Bourbon Whiskey750mlBottle67.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/04/21SPIRITS