This is a list of brand new items that we have added to our inventory that have not previously been in store. Seasonal and/or limited release items that we have stocked previously will not appear in this list.

This list is updated daily and relfects our listed retail price for each item. Actual prices after applicable discounts or promotions may be lower in store and prices are subject to change without notice. Please call in to inquire about current pricing and inventory for any item on this list or to request special order availabilty for any item listed as out of stock or not featured on this list.

--Description----Size----Container----Vintage----Retail----Availability--Added On--Department--
Dogfish Head Where the Wild Hops Are6pk 12ozBottle13.99In Stock2022/01/18BEER
Niced Tea Half & Half12pk 12ozCan16.99In Stock2022/01/18BEER
Trappistes Rochefort Triple Extra Trappist ale330mlBottle5.99In Stock2022/01/18BEER
Young Blood Pro Dog No Treats4pk 16ozCan15.99In Stock2022/01/18BEER
3 Sheeps Cuvee Blend 202222ozBottle202218.99In Stock2022/01/18BEER
Young Blood Pineapple Demogorgon4pk 16ozCan15.99In Stock2022/01/18BEER
Half Acre Galaxy Double Daisy Cutter4pk 16ozCan15.99In Stock2022/01/18BEER
Plantation 2005 Fiji Rum750mlBottle200574.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/01/18SPIRITS
Niced Tea Peach12pk 12ozCan16.99In Stock2022/01/18BEER
Working Draft Justif-I-ed IPA4pk 16ozCan15.99In Stock2022/01/14BEER
Truly Classic Lime Margarita # 2 CAN MIN #24ozCan2.49In Stock2022/01/14BEER
Working Draft Le Pils French Pilsner4pk 16ozCan12.99In Stock2022/01/14BEER
Clement Agricole Blanc Rum750mlBottle24.99In Stock2022/01/13SPIRITS
Clement Select Barrel Rum750mlBottle38.99In Stock2022/01/13SPIRITS
Heavens Door The Bootleg Series 13 Year Bourbon750mlBottle3549.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/01/13SPIRITS
Clement Canne Bleue Rum750mlBottle39.99In Stock2022/01/13SPIRITS
Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Islay Barley750mlBottle201389.99In Stock2022/01/13SPIRITS
Chinola Passion Fruit Liqueur750mlBottle34.99In Stock2022/01/13SPIRITS
Boulevard Chocolate Ale4pk 12ozBottle13.99In Stock2022/01/11BEER
Lakefront Bumble Bear6pk 12ozBottle8.99In Stock2022/01/11BEER
New Belgium Citrus Rescue IPA6pk 12ozCan8.99In Stock2022/01/11BEER
Kurvball Original Barbecue Whiskey750mlBottle24.99In Stock2022/01/11SPIRITS
Kurvball Original Barbecue Whiskey10pk 50mlBottle9.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2022/01/11SPIRITS
New Belgium Voodoo Agent 77 IPA6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2022/01/11BEER
ACE High Imperial Cider6pk 12ozCan11.99In Stock2022/01/07BEER
Jameson Orange Irish Whiskey750mlBottle32.99In Stock2022/01/07SPIRITS
New Riff Malted Rye Whiskey750mlBottle64.99In Stock2022/01/07SPIRITS
Captain Morgan Orange Vanilla Twist Rum750mlBottle16.99In Stock2022/01/07SPIRITS
Foursquare Indelible Rum750mlBottle83.99Out of Stock - Call to Inquire2022/01/06SPIRITS
Pipeworks Immediate Future4pk 16ozCan11.99In Stock2022/01/06BEER
Cedar Ridge Bottled in Bond Rye Whiskey750mlBottle47.99In Stock2022/01/06SPIRITS
Pipeworks Chasing Extra IIPA4pk 16ozCan14.99In Stock2022/01/06BEER
Badger Claw Vodka1.75LPlastic Bottle11.99In Stock2022/01/05SPIRITS
Badger Claw Vodka PET750mlPlastic Bottle6.63In Stock2022/01/05SPIRITS
Third Space Nice Place IPA6pk 12ozCan10.99In Stock2022/01/05BEER
Wisconsin Brewing Bock Wild6pk 12ozCan8.99In Stock2022/01/04BEER
Young Blood Bathtub Bier4pk 16ozCan11.99In Stock2022/01/04BEER
Hacienda Beer Creative Truths4pk 16ozCan19.99In Stock2022/01/04BEER
Truly Margarita Variety Pack12pk 12ozCan18.99In Stock2022/01/04BEER
Smirnoff Spiked Seltzer Poco Pico Variety Pack12pk 12ozCan16.99In Stock2022/01/04BEER
Topo Chico Hard Seltzer Variety Pack12pk 12ozCan18.99In Stock2022/01/04BEER
Toppling Goliath DDH King Sue4pk 16ozCan18.99In Stock2022/01/04BEER
Truly Classic Lime Margarita12pk 12ozCan18.99In Stock2022/01/04BEER
Goose Island Flight Pack15pk 12ozCan16.99In Stock2021/12/31BEER
Tapatio Tequila Anejo1.0LBottle49.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/12/31SPIRITS
Thirsty Miner Hazy IPA6pk 12ozCan4.99In Stock2021/12/31BEER
Skyy Watermelon Vodka1.75LBottle26.99In Stock2021/12/30SPIRITS
Sierra Nevada Power Day IPA6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2021/12/28BEER
Glenmorangie A Tale of Winter750mlBottle99.99In Stock2021/12/28SPIRITS
Brooklyn Bodega Run IPA6pk 12ozCan9.99In Stock2021/12/28BEER
BenRiach Smoke Season750mlBottle84.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/12/27SPIRITS
Clear Creek Pear Brandy375mlBottle29.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/12/26SPIRITS
Nikolai Vodka1.0LBottle7.99In Stock2021/12/24SPIRITS
Smirnoff Tamarind750mlBottle13.99In Stock2021/12/24SPIRITS
One Barrel Gentry's Own Apple Crisp Cider6pk 12ozCan10.99In Stock2021/12/21BEER
Young Blood First Date at Culver's4pk 16ozCan15.99In Stock - Limited Inventory2021/12/21BEER