Please use this sortable list a reference tool as prices are subject to change upon ordering. Breweries do change their pricing on occasion and we are not always 100% up to date with every price change. Not all kegs listed are available to order throughout the year and may only be availble seasonally or on a limited release basis.

--Name----Size ($Deposit)----Price----Notes--
1919 Root Beer1/2 Bbl ($30)99.95
1919 Root Beer1/4 Bbl ($30)64.95
3 Sheeps Cashmere Hammer1/4 Bbl ($30)109.95
3 Sheeps Chaos Pattern IPA1/4 Bbl ($30)119.95
3 Sheeps First Kiss Imperial IPA1/4 Bbl ($30)109.95
3 Sheeps Fresh Coast1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
3 Sheeps Fresh Coast1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
3 Sheeps Really Cool Waterslides IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)164.95
3 Sheeps Really Cool Waterslides IPA1/4 Bbl ($30)94.95
Alaskan Amber1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Alaskan Amber1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Alaskan White1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Ale Asylum 12oz Curl Pilsner1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Ale Asylum Ambergeddon1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Ale Asylum Ambergeddon1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Ale Asylum Bedlam!1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Ale Asylum Bedlam!1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Ale Asylum Contorter Porter1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Ale Asylum Demento1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Ale Asylum Ghosted Hazy IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Ale Asylum Ghosted Hazy IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Ale Asylum Hazy Hop1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Ale Asylum Hopalicious1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Ale Asylum Hopalicious1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Ale Asylum Keep 'er Movin'1/2 Bbl ($30)134.95
Ale Asylum Keep 'er Movin'1/6 Bbl ($30)69.95
Ale Asylum Madtown Nutbrown1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Ale Asylum Madtown Nutbrown1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Ale Asylum Mercy1/6 Bbl ($30)134.95
Ale Asylum Napalm Bunny1/2 Bbl ($30)219.95
Ale Asylum Oktillon1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95SEASONAL
Ale Asylum Oktillon1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95SEASONAL
Ale Asylum Pantheon1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Ale Asylum Plush Crush1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Ale Asylum Plush Crush1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Ale Asylum Satisfaction Jacksin1/6 Bbl ($30)134.95
Ale Asylum Unshadowed1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Ale Asylum Unshadowed1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Ale Asylum Velveteen Habit1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Ale Asylum Velveteen Habit1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Allagash White1/2 Bbl ($30)225.00
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
August Schell's Fire Brick1/6 Bbl ($30)69.95
Ballast Point Citrus Cove Gose1/2 Bbl ($30)189.95
Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin1/2 Bbl ($30)229.95
Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin1/6 Bbl ($30)104.95
Ballast Point Sculpin1/6 Bbl ($30)104.95
Bass Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Bell's Best Brown Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Bell's Bright White Ale1/4 Bbl ($30)104.95
Bell's Cherry Stout1/4 Bbl ($30)169.95
Bell's Christmas Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Bell's Christmas Ale1/4 Bbl ($30)119.95
Bell's Double Cream Stout1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Bell's Double Cream Stout1/4 Bbl ($30)119.95
Bell's Expedition Stout1/2 Bbl ($30)284.95
Bell's Expedition Stout1/4 Bbl ($30)169.95
Bell's Hopslam1/2 Bbl ($30)284.95
Bell's Hopslam1/4 Bbl ($30)169.95
Bell's Hopsolution Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)209.95
Bell's Hopsolution Ale1/4 Bbl ($30)169.95
Bell's Lager of the Lakes1/2 Bbl ($30)139.95
Bell's Lager of the Lakes1/4 Bbl ($30)104.95
Bell's Oarsman1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Bell's Oberon Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Bell's Oberon Ale1/4 Bbl ($30)104.95
Bell's Octoberfest Beer1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95SEASONAL
Bell's Octoberfest Beer1/4 Bbl ($30)119.95
Bell's Official Hazy IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Bell's Official Hazy IPA1/4 Bbl ($30)119.95
Bell's Pooltime1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Bell's Pooltime1/4 Bbl ($30)119.95
Bell's Porter1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Bell's Smitten Golden Rye1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Bell's Smitten Golden Rye1/4 Bbl ($30)119.95
Bell's Third Coast Beer1/4 Bbl ($30)104.95
Bell's Third Coast Old Ale1/4 Bbl ($30)169.95
Bell's Two Hearted1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Bell's Two Hearted1/4 Bbl ($30)119.95
Bell's Winter White Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Bell's Winter White Ale1/4 Bbl ($30)104.95
Big Deal Brewing Original Golden Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)79.95
Blackrocks 51K IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Blackrocks 51K IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Blackrocks Coconut Brown1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Blackrocks Grand Rabbits Cream Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Blackrocks Grand Rabbits Cream Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Blackrocks MYKISS IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Blue Moon Belgian White1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Blue Moon Belgian White1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Blue Moon Mango Wheat1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Blue Moon Mango Wheat1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Boddington's Pub Ale50L Keg ($30)159.95
Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)92.99
Bud Light1/2 Bbl ($30)134.95
Bud Light1/4 Bbl ($30)79.95
Budweiser1/2 Bbl ($30)134.95
Budweiser1/6 Bbl ($30)61.95
Busch Light1/2 Bbl ($30)114.95
Capital Autumnal Fire1/4 Bbl ($30)139.95
Capital AweSummer Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)81.95
Capital Baltic Porter1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Capital Baltic Porter1/6 Bbl ($30)99.95
Capital Blonde Doppelbock1/2 Bbl ($30)254.95
Capital Blonde Doppelbock1/4 Bbl ($30)139.95
Capital Blonde Doppelbock1/6 Bbl ($30)99.95
Capital Dark Doppelbock1/4 Bbl ($30)139.95
Capital Dark Doppelbock1/6 Bbl ($30)99.95
Capital Island Wheat1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Capital Island Wheat1/6 Bbl ($30)81.95
Capital Kolsch1/2 Bbl ($30)189.95
Capital Kolsch1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Capital Lake House1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Capital Lake House1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
Capital Lake House1/6 Bbl ($30)81.95
Capital Maibock1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Capital Maibock1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
Capital Maibock1/6 Bbl ($30)81.95
Capital Munich Dark1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Capital Munich Dark1/6 Bbl ($30)81.95
Capital Mutiny IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Capital Mutiny IPA1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
Capital Mutiny IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)81.95
Capital Oktoberfest1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Capital Oktoberfest1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
Capital Oktoberfest1/6 Bbl ($30)81.95
Capital Pilsner1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Capital Pilsner1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
Capital Pilsner1/6 Bbl ($30)81.95
Capital Supper Club1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Capital Supper Club1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
Capital Winter Skal1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Capital Winter Skal1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
Capital Winter Skal1/6 Bbl ($30)81.95
Capital Wisconsin Amber1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Capital Wisconsin Amber1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
Capital Wisconsin Amber1/6 Bbl ($30)81.95
Carlsberg Okocim Beer1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Central Waters Agreeable Interlude Stout1/2 Bbl ($40)224.95
Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Barleywine1/4 Bbl ($40)159.95
Central Waters Crew Drive1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
Central Waters Crew Drive1/4 Bbl ($40)104.95
Central Waters HHG APA1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
Central Waters HHG APA1/4 Bbl ($40)104.95
Central Waters Honey Blonde Ale1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
Central Waters Honey Blonde Ale1/4 Bbl ($40)104.95
Central Waters Mimosa Style Ale1/2 Bbl ($40)224.95
Central Waters Mimosa Style Ale1/4 Bbl ($40)139.95
Central Waters Mudpuppy Porter1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
Central Waters Mudpuppy Porter1/4 Bbl ($40)104.95
Central Waters Octoberfest1/4 Bbl ($40)104.95
Central Waters Ouisconsin Red Ale1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
Central Waters Ouisconsin Red Ale1/4 Bbl ($40)104.95
Central Waters Rift IPA1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
Central Waters Rift IPA1/4 Bbl ($40)104.95
Central Waters Satin Solitude1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
Central Waters Satin Solitude1/4 Bbl ($40)104.95
Central Waters Slainte1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
Central Waters Strawberry Guava Sour1/2 Bbl ($40)224.95
Central Waters Unsettled NEIPA1/2 Bbl ($30)224.95
Central Waters Unsettled NEIPA1/4 Bbl ($40)119.95
Chimay Cinq Cents Tripel (White Label)20L Keg ($30)249.95
Ciderboys First Press1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Ciderboys First Press1/4 Bbl ($30)94.95
Ciderboys Grand Mimosa1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Ciderboys Peach Country1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Ciderboys Strawberry Magic1/4 Bbl ($30)94.95
City Lights Hazy IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
City Lights Hazy IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Coors Light1/2 Bbl ($30)134.95
Coors Light1/4 Bbl ($30)76.95
Corona Light1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Corona Light1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
Corona Premier1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Corona Premier1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
Crispin Cidre Rose1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Deschutes Black Raspberry Sour Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)189.95
Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)219.95
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)201.95
Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)101.95
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)264.95
Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)124.95
Dogfish Head American Beauty1/2 Bbl ($30)201.95
Dogfish Head Namaste1/2 Bbl ($30)201.95
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)201.95SEASONAL
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)101.95SEASONAL
Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)201.95
Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)101.95
Dogfish Head Siracusa Nera1/6 Bbl ($30)219.95
Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Dogfish Head Super Eight1/2 Bbl ($30)201.95
Dogfish Head Super Eight1/6 Bbl ($30)101.95
Dogfish Head World Wide Stout1/6 Bbl ($30)219.95
Door County Clawhammer Pilsner1/2 Bbl ($30)164.95
Door County Lost Camper1/2 Bbl ($30)164.95
Door County Lost Camper1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Dos Equis Amber Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)144.95
Dos Equis Special Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)144.95
Dovetail Hefeweizen1/6 Bbl ($30)99.95
Driftless Dirt Brown Ale1/4 Bbl ($30)109.95
Duchesse De Bourgogne1/6 Bbl ($30)214.95
Eagle Park Set List IPA1/4 Bbl ($30)134.95
Elysian Space Dust IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)199.95
Esser's Best1/2 Bbl ($30)149.95
Esser's Best1/4 Bbl ($30)84.95
Esser's Cross Plains Special1/2 Bbl ($30)149.95
Esser's Cross Plains Special1/4 Bbl ($30)84.95
Esser's Golden Ale1/2 Bbl ($40)149.95
Esser's Oktoberfest1/2 Bbl ($40)149.95
Fermentorium Juice Packets IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)199.95
Founders All Day IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Founders All Day IPA1/4 Bbl ($30)109.95
Founders Curmudgeon Old Ale1/4 Bbl ($30)179.95
Founders Green Zebra1/4 Bbl ($30)104.95
Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout1/4 Bbl ($30)319.95
Founders Porter1/4 Bbl ($30)104.95
Founders Solid Gold1/2 Bbl ($30)139.95
Franziskaner Weissbier50L Keg ($30)181.95
Furthermore Fatty Boombalatty1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Good City Pils1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Good City Pils1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Good City Spare Time Hazy IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)76.95
Goose Island 3121/2 Bbl ($30)176.95
Goose Island 3121/6 Bbl ($30)81.95
Goose Island IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)81.95
Goose Island Sofie1/6 Bbl ($30)124.95
Grays Root Beer1/6 Bbl ($30)72.95
Great Dane Crop Circle Wheat1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Great Dane Oktoberfest1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Great Lakes Barrel Aged Blackout Stout1/6 Bbl ($30)149.95
Great Lakes Blackout Stout1/2 Bbl ($30)229.95
Great Lakes Blackout Stout1/6 Bbl ($30)104.95
Great Lakes Burning River1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Great Lakes Chillwave Double IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)224.95
Great Lakes Chillwave Double IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)91.95
Great Lakes Christmas Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Great Lakes Christmas Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Great Lakes Conway's Irish Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Great Lakes Conway's Irish Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald Porter1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Great Lakes Holy Moses Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Great Lakes Holy Moses Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Great Lakes IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Great Lakes IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster1/2 Bbl ($30)219.95
Great Lakes Lake Erie Monster1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Great Lakes Ohio City Oatmeal Stout1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Great Lakes Ohio City Oatmeal Stout1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Great Lakes Oktoberfest1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Great Lakes Oktoberfest1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Great Lakes Turntable Pils1/6 Bbl ($30)69.95
Guinness Draught1/2 Bbl ($30)189.95
Hacker Pschorr Oktoberfest1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Hacker-Pschorr Hefe Weisse1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Hacker-Pschorr Munich Gold1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Half Acre Daisy Cutter1/6 Bbl ($30)94.95
Hamms1/2 Bbl ($30)91.95
Harp Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)189.95
Heineken1/2 Bbl ($30)139.95
Herbiery Under Tree Beer1/4 Bbl ($30)154.95
Hinterland Maple Bock1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Hinterland Oktoberfest1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Hinterland Packerland Pilsner1/2 Bbl ($30)149.95
Hinterland Saison1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Hoegaarden1/2 Bbl ($30)181.95
Hofbrau Hefe Weizen1/2 Bbl ($30)274.95
Hofbrau Oktoberfestbier1/2 Bbl ($30)274.95
Hofbrau Original Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)274.95
Hop Garden Sunset Imperial Amber1/4 Bbl ($75)99.95
Huber Bock1/2 Bbl ($30)104.95
Huber Bock1/4 Bbl ($30)59.95
Huber Lager1/4 Bbl ($30)42.95
Indeed Day Tripper Pale Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)164.95
Indeed Day Tripper Pale Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Indeed Flavorwave IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)189.95
Indeed Flavorwave IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)104.95
Indeed LSD Honey Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)229.95
Indeed LSD Honey Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Indeed Lucy Session Sour1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Indeed Lucy Session Sour1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Indeed Mexican Honey Imperial Lager1/6 Bbl ($30)119.95
Indeed Old Friend Winter Warmer1/6 Bbl ($30)119.95
Indeed Peach Bum IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)104.95
Indeed Rum King Barrel Aged Imperial Stout1/6 Bbl ($30)154.95
Indeed Stir Crazy Porter1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Indeed Stir Crazy Porter1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Indeed Strawberry Fields Sour Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)119.95
Karben4 America AF1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Karben4 America AF1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Karben4 Belly Bongos1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Karben4 Belly Bongos1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Karben4 Block Party1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Karben4 Block Party1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Karben4 Champagne Tortise1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Karben4 Champagne Tortise1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Karben4 Diet Starts Tomorrow1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Karben4 Diet Starts Tomorrow1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Karben4 Downton Appley Apple Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Karben4 Downton Appley Apple Ale1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Karben4 Dragon Flute1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Karben4 Dragon Flute1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Karben4 Fantasy Factory IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Karben4 Fantasy Factory IPA1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Karben4 Lady Luck1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Karben4 Lady Luck1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Karben4 Mango Hard Seltzer1/4 Bbl ($30)79.95
Karben4 Night Call1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Karben4 Night Call1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Karben4 Radikatz1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Karben4 Radikatz1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Karben4 Raspberry Fantasy Factory IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)234.95
Karben4 Raspberry Fantasy Factory IPA1/4 Bbl ($30)154.95
Karben4 Simply Dusty1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Karben4 Simply Dusty1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Karben4 Tokyo Sauna Pale Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Karben4 Tokyo Sauna Pale Ale1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Keystone Light1/2 Bbl ($30)99.95
Kona Big Wave Golden Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)176.95
Kona Big Wave Golden Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)81.95
Konig Pilsener50L Keg ($30)189.95
Labatt Blue1/2 Bbl ($30)129.95
Lagunitas Aunt Sally1/4 Bbl ($30)109.95
Lagunitas IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Lagunitas IPA1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
Lagunitas Little Sumpin'1/2 Bbl ($30)164.95
Lake Louie Arena Premium1/2 Bbl ($75)149.95
Lake Louie Arena Premium1/6 Bbl ($75)69.95
Lake Louie Bunny Green Toe1/6 Bbl ($75)69.95
Lake Louie Kiss The Lips1/2 Bbl ($75)149.95
Lake Louie Kiss The Lips1/6 Bbl ($75)69.95
Lake Louie Oktoberfest1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Lake Louie Prairie Moon Farmhouse Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Lake Louie Prairie Moon Farmhouse Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)69.95
Lake Louie Tommy's Porter1/2 Bbl ($75)149.95
Lake Louie Tommy's Porter1/6 Bbl ($30)69.95
Lake Louie Warped Speed1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Lake Louie Warped Speed1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Lakefront Baltic Fire1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Lakefront Brandy Barrel Aged Cherry Lager1/6 Bbl ($30)154.95
Lakefront Brandy Barrel Aged Imperial Pumpkin1/6 Bbl ($30)154.95
Lakefront Eastside Dark1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Lakefront Eastside Dark1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Lakefront Fixed Gear1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Lakefront Fixed Gear1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Lakefront Fuel Cafe Stout1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Lakefront Fuel Cafe Stout1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Lakefront Hazy Rabbit1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Lakefront IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Lakefront IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Lakefront Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)149.95
Lakefront Maibock1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Lakefront Maibock1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Lakefront New Grist (GF)1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Lakefront New Grist Gose w/ Lime1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Lakefront Oktoberfest Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)164.95SEASONAL
Lakefront Oktoberfest Lager1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95SEASONAL
Lakefront Pils1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Lakefront Pils1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Lakefront Proper Porter1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Lakefront Proper Porter1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Lakefront Pumpkin Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95SEASONAL
Lakefront Pumpkin Lager1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95SEASONAL
Lakefront Riverwest Stein1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Lakefront Riverwest Stein1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Left Hand Milk Stout1/2 Bbl ($30)194.95
Left Hand Milk Stout1/6 Bbl ($30)114.95
Leinie's Cranberry Ginger Shandy1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Leinie's Grapefruit Shandy1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Leinie's Honey Weiss1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Leinie's Honey Weiss1/6 Bbl ($30)76.95
Leinie's Juicy Peach1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Leinie's Oktoberfest1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Leinie's Original1/2 Bbl ($30)129.95
Leinie's Summer Shandy1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Leinie's Summer Shandy1/6 Bbl ($30)76.95
Loon Juice Honeycrisp Hard Cider1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Lost Lake1/2 Bbl ($30)59.95
Lost Lake Light1/2 Bbl ($30)59.95
Michelob Amber Bock1/2 Bbl ($30)114.95
Michelob Golden Draft Light1/2 Bbl ($30)109.95
Michelob Ultra1/2 Bbl ($30)129.95
Micholob Ultra1/6 Bbl ($30)51.95
Miller High Life1/2 Bbl ($30)129.95
Miller Lite1/2 Bbl ($30)134.95
Miller Lite1/4 Bbl ($30)76.95
MKE Louie's Demise1/2 Bbl ($30)149.95
MKE Louie's Demise1/4 Bbl ($30)99.99
MKE Outboard Cream Ale1/4 Bbl ($30)89.95
Mobcraft MC Amber1/4 Bbl ($30)89.95
Mobcraft Odd Ball Kolsch1/2 Bbl ($30)164.95
Modelo Especial1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Modelo Especial1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
Natural Light1/2 Bbl ($30)94.95
Negra Modelo1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Negra Modelo1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
New Belgium 15541/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
New Belgium Accumulation1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
New Belgium Citradelic Tangerine IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
New Belgium Dominga Paloma Sour1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
New Belgium Fat Tire1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
New Belgium Fat Tire1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)164.95
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)164.99
New Belgium Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
New Glarus Belgian Red1/4 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Bubbler1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Cabin Fever1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Cabin Fever1/4 Bbl ($40)99.95
New Glarus Dancing Man Wheat1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Dancing Man Wheat1/4 Bbl ($40)99.95
New Glarus Fat Squirrel1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Fat Squirrel1/4 Bbl ($40)99.95
New Glarus IPA1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Kid Kolsch1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Kid Kolsch1/4 Bbl ($40)99.95
New Glarus Moon Man Pale Ale1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Moon Man Pale Ale1/4 Bbl ($40)99.95
New Glarus Raspberry Tart1/4 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Snowshoe Red1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Snowshoe Red1/4 Bbl ($40)99.95
New Glarus Spotted Cow1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Spotted Cow1/4 Bbl ($40)99.95
New Glarus Staghorn Oktoberfest1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Staghorn Oktoberfest1/4 Bbl ($40)99.95
New Glarus Strawberry Rhubarb1/4 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Thumbprint Berliner Weiss1/4 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Thumbprint Scream IIPA1/4 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Totally Naked1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Totally Naked1/4 Bbl ($40)99.95
New Glarus Two Women Lager1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Two Women Lager1/4 Bbl ($40)99.95
New Glarus Uff Da Bock1/2 Bbl ($40)169.95
New Glarus Uff Da Bock1/4 Bbl ($40)99.95
Newcastle Brown Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)139.95
Next Door Bubbler1/2 Bbl ($30)149.95
Next Door Bubbler1/4 Bbl ($30)84.95
Next Door Darth Porter1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Next Door Darth Porter1/4 Bbl ($30)109.95
Next Door Kaleidospoke1/2 Bbl ($30)164.95
Next Door Kaleidospoke1/4 Bbl ($30)104.95
Next Door Laser Ray APA1/4 Bbl ($30)104.95
Next Door Livacious1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Next Door Livacious1/4 Bbl ($30)109.95
Next Door Plumptuous1/2 Bbl ($30)224.95
Next Door Plumptuous1/4 Bbl ($30)139.95
O'so Hop Snack1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
O'so Hop Whoopin' IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
O'so Infectious Groove1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
O'so Night Rain1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
O'so Night Rain1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
O'so Rusty Red1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
O'so The Big O1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Octopi Brewing Galaxy IPA1/2 Bbl ($50)189.95
Odell IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)189.95
Odell Mountain Standard IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)189.95
Odell Sippin' Pretty1/4 Bbl ($30)109.95
Old Style1/2 Bbl ($30)129.95
One Barrel Door County Cherry Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
One Barrel Gentry's Own Dry Cider1/6 Bbl ($30)114.95
One Barrel Gentry's Own Rose Cider1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
One Barrel Gentry's Own Rose Cider1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
One Barrel Hypercolor NE IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)104.95
One Barrel Ninja Dust IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)189.95
One Barrel Ninja Dust IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)91.95
One Barrel Penguin Pale Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
One Barrel Pete's Wheat1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
One Barrel The Commuter Kolsch1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Oscar's Double Chocolate Oatmeal Stout1/6 Bbl ($30)149.95
Oskar Blues Dales Pale Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Pabst Blue Ribbon1/2 Bbl ($30)101.95
Pacifico1/4 Bbl ($30)99.95
Pearl Street Downtown Brown1/6 Bbl ($30)69.95
Peroni Nastro Azzurro1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Pilsner Urquell1/2 Bbl ($30)199.95
Pilsner Urquell1/4 Bbl ($30)119.95
Point Amber Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)129.95
Point Special Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)89.95
Port Huron Oatmeal Stout1/6 Bbl ($30)109.95
Potosi Cave Ale1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Potosi Czech Style Pilsner1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Potosi Czech Style Pilsner1/4 Bbl ($30)114.95
Potosi Good Old Potosi1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Potosi Good Old Potosi1/4 Bbl ($30)94.95
Potosi Hazy Bluff IPA1/4 Bbl ($30)139.95
Potosi Riverside Radler1/2 Bbl ($30)154.95
Potosi Snake Hollow IPA1/4 Bbl ($30)104.95
Potosi Steamboat Lemon Shandy1/4 Bbl ($30)109.95
Revolution Anti-Hero IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Revolution Anti-Hero IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Revolution Sun Crusher1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Revolution Sun Crusher1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Rolling Rock1/2 Bbl ($30)104.95
Sam Adams Boston Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Sam Adams Boston Lager1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Sam Adams Octoberfest1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Sam Adams Octoberfest1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Sam Adams Winter Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Saturday Beer Lawn Lines1/6 Bbl ($30)92.95
Schlitz1/2 Bbl ($30)129.95
Seattle Cider Basil Mint1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Seattle Cider Dry1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Seattle Cider Semi-Sweet1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Seventy Five Wine Company Hogwash Rose1/6 Bbl ($30)349.99
Shocktop Lemon Shandy1/2 Bbl ($30)129.95
Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine1/6 Bbl ($30)121.95
Sierra Nevada Celebration1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Sierra Nevada Celebration1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet1/6 Bbl ($30)86.95
Sierra Nevada Narwhal1/6 Bbl ($30)121.95
Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95SEASONAL
Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest1/6 Bbl ($30)86.95SEASONAL
Sierra Nevada Otra Vez Gose1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Sierra Nevada Sierraveza1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Sierra Nevada Sierraveza1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Sierra Nevada Torpedo1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Sixpoint Kold Schauer1/6 Bbl ($30)109.95
Smirnoff Raspberry Rose Spiked Sparkling Seltzer1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Smithwicks Irish Ale1/2 Bbl ($30)189.95
Solem Oath Lu Kolsch1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Southern Tier Pumking1/2 Bbl ($30)269.95
Spaten Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)181.95
Spaten Oktoberfest50L Keg ($30)181.95
Sprecher Abbey Triple1/2 Bbl ($30)164.95
Sprecher Black Bavarian1/2 Bbl ($30)154.99
Sprecher Cream Soda1/2 Bbl ($30)74.95
Sprecher Irish Stout1/2 Bbl ($30)139.95
Sprecher Maibock1/4 Bbl ($30)74.95
Sprecher Pineapple X-Press Belgian Tripel1/4 Bbl ($30)89.95
Sprecher Root Beer1/2 Bbl ($30)94.95
Sprecher Root Beer1/4 Bbl ($30)69.95
Sprecher Special Amber1/2 Bbl ($30)149.95
Stella Artois1/2 Bbl ($30)181.95
Stella Artois Cidre1/6 Bbl ($30)72.95
Stillmank Super Kind1/2 Bbl ($40)69.95
Strongbow Original Dry Cider1/2 Bbl ($30)149.95
Summit Oktoberfest1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Summit Oktoberfest1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Summit Saga IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Summit Saga IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Surly Coffee Bender1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Surly Heatslayer1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Surly Hell1/2 Bbl ($30)129.95
Surly Hell1/6 Bbl ($30)69.95
Surly Todd The Axe Man1/2 Bbl ($30)249.95
Surly Todd The Axe Man1/6 Bbl ($30)114.95
Surly XTra-Citra1/2 Bbl ($30)149.95
Third Space Happy Place1/6 Bbl ($30)72.95
Third Space It Was All A Dream IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)119.95
Third Space Mocha Java Porter1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Third Space Upward Spiral IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)174.95
Three Floyds Alpha King1/2 Bbl ($30)189.95
Three Floyds Barbarian Haze1/2 Bbl ($30)199.95
Three Floyds Blackheart1/6 Bbl ($30)164.95
Three Floyds Gumball Head1/2 Bbl ($30)199.95
Three Floyds Gumball Head1/6 Bbl ($30)109.95
Three Floyds YumYum1/2 Bbl ($30)189.95
Three Floyds Zombie Dust1/6 Bbl ($30)114.95
Titletown Green 19 IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)164.95
Titletown Johnny Blood Red IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)74.95
Toppling Goliath Dorothy's New World Lager1/2 Bbl ($30)149.95
Toppling Goliath Dorothy's New World Lager1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Toppling Goliath Double Dry Hop PseudoSue1/2 Bbl ($30)329.95
Toppling Goliath Double Dry Hop PseudoSue1/6 Bbl ($30)134.95
Toppling Goliath King Sue1/6 Bbl ($30)139.95
Toppling Goliath Oktoberfest1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Toppling Goliath Pompeii IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)219.95
Toppling Goliath Pompeii IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)124.95
Toppling Goliath PseudoSue1/2 Bbl ($30)249.95
Toppling Goliath PseudoSue1/6 Bbl ($30)124.95
Tripel Karmeliet20L Keg ($30)274.95
Truly Hard Sparkling Water1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Truly Hard Sparkling Water1/6 Bbl ($30)89.95
Truly Wild Berry Hard Sparkling Water1/2 Bbl ($30)184.95
Twisted Tea1/2 Bbl ($30)179.95
Twisted Tea1/6 Bbl ($30)84.95
Tyranena Bitter Woman IPA1/2 Bbl ($40)174.95
Tyranena Bitter Woman IPA1/6 Bbl ($40)89.95
Tyranena Rocky's Revenge1/2 Bbl ($40)159.95
Tyranena Rocky's Revenge1/6 Bbl ($40)74.95
Vintage Better Off Red1/2 Bbl ($30)169.95
Vintage Dedication1/6 Bbl ($50)94.95
Warpig Foggy Geezer Hazy IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)189.95
Warpig Foggy Geezer Hazy IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)99.95
Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier50L Keg ($30)194.95
Wisconsin Brewing Badger Club Amber1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Wisconsin Brewing Badger Club Amber1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Wisconsin Brewing Chocolate Lab Porter1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Wisconsin Brewing Red Arrow American Pale Ale1/6 Bbl ($30)79.95
Wisconsin Brewing Yankee USA1/2 Bbl ($30)159.95
Working Draft Pulp Culture IPA1/2 Bbl ($30)259.95
Working Draft Pulp Culture IPA1/6 Bbl ($30)104.95
zKarben4 DOUBLE Fantasy Factory IIPA1/2 Bbl ($30)234.95
zKarben4 DOUBLE Fantasy Factory IIPA1/4 Bbl ($30)154.95