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Please Call Ahead for All Keg Orders!

Online keg list may not accurately reflect barrels available for purchase in-store.
Please call us to place your order before visiting the store to ensure we have a keg available for you to purchase.

Most orders placed by Monday 3PM will be available for pickup by Tuesday 2PM.
Orders placed by Thursday 3PM will be available for pickup by Friday 2PM.

Current Keg List

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Keg Availability Guide

A comprehensive list of barrels that are available to special order
***Prices & Availability Subject To Change***

Keg Rental Policies

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  • Draft Beer For Any Occasion

    Riley's stocks dozens of different beers in kegs and we have most major brands ready to go at any time.
    Root Beer? No problem, we keep plenty in stock.
    Need more than just one? We've probably got what you need in stock, but customers are encouraged to call ahead to reserve their barrels.

  • Savings You Can Savor

    When having a large party or gathering, purchasing beer by the keg can save you a lot of money. You can typically expect to save 25% or more when buying in keg format compared to an equivalent volume of packaged beer cases. That's more money (or beer) in your pocket!

  • Roll Over Your Empty Keg

    Have an empty keg? When purchasing your next barrel, bring in your empty and we'll roll over your deposit*. Even if you bought your last keg somewhere else, we should be able to take your empty in exchange for a fresh barrel.

    *Not all barrels hold the same deposit amount, and we cannot accept empty barrels from out-of-marketplace breweries. See keg availability guide for brands we work with.

  • Special Orders Welcome

    Everyone has different tastes and some beers are just more popular than others. Whatever your tastes are, we'll work with you to get you a beer that suits your tastes.

    If your beer is not currently in stock, we can typically have it ready for you within a couple of days. Fresh kegs usually arrive to us every Tuesday and Friday.

  • Delvery Available Upon Request

    Let's face it, kegs are heavy. Unless you have a car or some other clever way to transport it, you may need help getting your keg to where you need it. Orders for delivery must be paid for in person, in advance of delivery and you must be present when we deliver your order. Please call ahead to ensure delivery is available before making your purchase.

Looking for CO2 for your kegerator?

Riley's does not offer CO2 rentals or recharging. CO2 may be available from these local outlets:

Badger Welding Supply 101 S. Dickenson St. 608-257-5606
A+ Heler's Dry Ice & CO2 2814 Syene Rd. 608-285-5579
Linde Welding Gas & Equipment Center 1426 Parkside Dr. 608-249-9353
Airgas 4101 Robertson Rd. 608-241-1440